Friday, September 14, 2012

Awe and Wonder

You absolutely must watch this! It is so incredibly awe inspiring that a tear or two might
have trickled from my eyes.

Beyond awesome, yeah!?
Watching it made me sad that I've never had a flying dream while simultaneously making me supremely glad that God loves. You know how thoughts tangle together...

You know what is even more awesome? Watching this in a dark room on a large screen. Do it. It will make your heart fill with wonder.


  1. I must say I did get a wee bit teary when the aurora showed up... I really want to see them in person one day. I feel like that would suck the breath out of me, but in a good way (that doesn't make much sense, but hey whatever). Thanks for sharing this ^.^

    1. Lol makes perfect sense to me! I would love to see it as well! It would be downright magical :)

  2. This my friend is AMAZING!! I love aurora. I wish I could watch this video on my big TV!! I defiantly need to show this to my nieces and nephews - they are going to love it! It really is beautiful!!