Wednesday, August 15, 2012

yum gum

Ginseng gum! Yum!
As a special (back to school) treat for us, I ordered a bundle of this gum. Keith had never had any, but I picked up a pack one time in NYC and every now and then a craving for it strikes.
Clearly, we love this stuff. We've chomped ourselves through 1/4 of the box already.
If you've never had ginseng, it's an earthy taste.  It's hard to describe because it's a very distinct flavor. Almost, in the background, a very mildly minty taste.... just try some.
Unfortunately, it loses it's flavor fairly quickly. But not a quick as bubble gum.

Clove gum is another flavor we both really like that is hard to come by so a pack of that might have to make its way to our door soon.
What "exotic" gum flavors do you chew? I would love some recommendations!


  1. Haha dirt gum! It looks really interesting...I have to say I've never tried it...but I might if I ever see it around :)

  2. Never had this gum but I defiantly want to try! I have a jaw problem so I tend to not chew gum often to at all :/

  3. Hmm, sounds "exotic" to me! Haha, Earthy? Okay. Totally up for a review on this. Let me know how you like it after a month maybe? Looking for new caffeine alternatives...