Friday, August 17, 2012


I don't particularly like bugs but they must be given points for being so visually interesting and diverse. Every time I really look at an insect I am baffled. What little freaks they are.

There are many more pics of creepy-crawlies in my camera that I would love to share but alas, they are of super poor quality. I have a Nikon Cool Pix. AKA,The Worst Camera EVER. Okay, Worst Ever might be a smidge harsh since I probably have unreasonably high expectations for it.

Do you see this wing!? Those colors! It's incredible.
Now, look to the left. Aren't the water droplets on his window wings kinda sweet?

The bug below is my favorite. He was so shy.


  1. No doubt they are interesting, if somewhat creepy-crawly! I too love the last one. Ok, 'love' may be too strong a word for how I feel about any bug!!

  2. I don't love them either but you're right, they're really interesting to look at up close. So many details to their bodies.

  3. I have a Nikon Coolpix too and I despise it! But you pictures come out pretty nice :)


  4. Whoa. Way cool! Those colors are exquisite! :)
    love, daisy

  5. Their color's are pretty beautiful. I really hate it when my camera does not do what I want it to do.