Saturday, August 18, 2012

Make This! Neon Clay Necklace

I whipped this DIY necklace up while hubs and I watched Mothman Prophecies. - Which, about that movie... I freely admit that it gave me a slight case of the heebie-jeebies. "Wake up, number 37." Yikes!
but anyways...

This is really easy to make and I can already tell that it will be in frequent rotation since I wear a lot of neutrals that need some jazz.

Sculpey Clay (and all the accoutrements that go with working and rolling clay), Sharpie marker, Neon paint (I used spray paint), Acrylic paint (to act as primer for the neon), loop eye pins, chain, Sculpey sealing glaze, pliers

PS - these pics are a tad on the crap-tacular side and I apologize, but I do most of my crafting in the evening long after good light has slipped from the sky.

1) Shape the clay into the desired shape, stick one(+) loop eye pins into the clay, and bake as directed
2) After the clay - now pendant! - has cooled completely, mask off the area that should stay paint free. I used a pink acrylic as a primer for the neon. With other projects, sans the acrylic "primer" it literally took 8 coats of neon to get an even color. By using the pink acrylic paint it only took one coat of neon!
3) Using a sharpie, draw some lines, or circles, triangles, or squares.
4) Apply a coat or two of glaze to keep the paint from chipping and the sharpie from rubbing off
5) Attach a chain. Finished!