Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Fun Things - p.L

Does it ever just boggle your mind how many pretty things are on Etsy? 

~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~
I adore the simplicity of this Blue Mountain beach glass ring by Whitney Shine. Plus, since it's one of my favorite colors it would match so much of my clothing!

~ ~ ~ 2 ~ ~ ~
This necklace by FIGUREframe is awesome on so many levels! Minimal, colorful, textural. I love that it packs a punch even though it is small.

~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ ~
I love that by wearing this cuff by Loft Full Of Goodies you basically have a fuzzy rainbow on your arm :D

~ ~ ~ 4 ~ ~ ~
Now, I feel like I must preface this by saying that I am not normally a brooch wearer, but as soon as I saw these adorable little pins by Depeapa I had visions of my wooly, winter jacket with one pinned on the lapel. There is a whole line of these but the little birds are my fave. So sweet!

~ ~ ~ 5 ~ ~ ~
This Neon Dots necklace by Caracol Handmade is simple and bold and completely awesome. 
I love that it perches on the collar bones.


  1. Thank you for feauturing my Neon Dots Necklace! Wow, there are so many beautiful things in Etsy... it makes me feel so inspired to find new awsome things. Those borooches are so amazing! I just favorited that shop, they're simply adorable :)

  2. I love that ring! So simple but the color just draws you in!