Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brownies, together.

Since last time we sat down together and dug into a delicious turtle pie, it seemed only right to keep up our sweet tradition.
Therefore, if we had extra fudgy brownies together…


** I would tell you that I feel overwhelmed and unsure

** We would talk about how it’s now August (and wonder how it happened so quickly).  I would say that Keith is beyond excited that that the semester kicks up in 20 days, but that thought literally makes me a bit queasy.

** I would ask you how your to-do list looks because I can’t seem to get more than 2 items crossed off in a day

** It would come up in conversation that I think a passport would be a good thing to obtain. There are absolutely no plans in the work to use it, but it seems right…

** A secret would be whispered in your ear about a really big idea I have, even though turning it into a reality is a path I don’t even know how to start on.

** And once we licked the stickiness off our fingers, you would be my moral support and most trusted advisor as we cleaned out my closet and dresser. I need HELP!


  1. Yes to a Passport. I think I need one too. We should.

  2. Yes I need a passport too! Let's go together! Haha. And my to-do list for the summer...hmmm, do I dare even talk about it? That's about as bad as thinking about it. ;)

  3. Can I put my hand through the screen for just a bite?