Sunday, July 29, 2012

What-I-Wore: 70s ish

Dearest Arielle and I had this brainy idea that it would be fun if we did a 70s inspired, what-I-wore post "together". I haven't seen her garb yet but from what she told me it is awesome.
As for me, well, I kinda failed.  You know that Murphy's Law that says when you want something common it won't be anywhere? Yeah, that about sums it up. That, and the fact that I really didn't do much shopping this month AND what I did find wasn't anywhere near big enough. (There ought to be a magic power that allows you to alter things bigger!)

SO, basically, I just rummaged around my closet and loosely based my outfit on the items I found that didn't fit. AND I staightened and center-parted (ack!) my hair to assist the look....
The purse and bracelet (the one wedge up on my arm, not the charming hair elastic), however, are authentic 70s bits. Do not doubt my accessories.

Everything you can see was: thrifted
except the knickers, they were: gifted
But not as shorts, they came as jeans,
which then I cut and ripped in the seams


  1. I love the shoes and the color of your top!!

  2. Ooh I love the whole vibe of this outfit! Your hair looks absolutely stunning and I love the middle part! The colors from your shirt look great against your skin too! Pretty girl : )

    Melanie from My Billie

  3. I really like this outfit post, particularly the purse and the hair-tie bracelet. I have one just the same. Your hair looks great this way but I like it curly too.

  4. Ma'am... that bag... is amazing! I love it :)

  5. i love that bag, and those shoes are awesome tooo!

  6. Love your outfit!!

    xo Sandra

  7. Kudos on the shirt, it is exactly what I wore in high school......In case you don't know....I graduated in '78....haha, how old does that make me!!!