Sunday, July 1, 2012

A story from the other day... thrifting fail?

On Thursday, hubs and I were rummaging around at the Will of Good when I came across these shiny plaid rolls. First thought was that they were ribbon but after unrolling it a couple inches I realized it was tape! At this point I get more excited than anyone ever should over tape, but can you blame me? Plaid tape! For 50 cents. The excitement was completely justified.
After quickly checking to see whether or not Keith would categorize me as a hoarder, I scoop all the rolls into my basket. Shopping continues and I feel rather... elated.

Fast forward to Friday when I sit down, with all my supplies gathered, prepared to work on a crafty project using my awesome new tape. Happily I unroll 9 inches or so and then I hit the brown. Where did my pretty plaid go? And why is there sticky stuff that looks like peely sunburn skin on my finger?

I don't know why it didn't click that it was a Scotch product. Clearly that is the Scotch plaid.
So instead of awesome washi-like take I have 6 rolls of hi-tack transfer tape.
Serves me right for being greedy. Even if I did get an awesome deal on the stuff.


  1. Bummer! At least you only spent 50 cents for each roll. I am sure that is still a deal for hi-tack tape.

  2. Hahaha this is hilarious! And who doesn't need tape at all times?

  3. i love that! i did realize it was the scotch plaid right away - but i'm sure you could use it! it'd be cute during christmas for wrapping on a brown kraft paper

  4. haha awww i would be bummed too. I love tape but more so I love plaid. if it were me I just wouldnt use the tape and would instead find a decorative use for it :)

  5. I deeply appreciate that I grew out of my role as Tape Queen, and you grew into it :D