Monday, July 23, 2012

Pyrex people, put yo hands up

Remember this bowl? This sweet bowl is the one that kicked off my Pyrex collecting. Little did I know that the bright, orange - yellow that makes my heart sing is a bit unusual because it belongs to the Town and Country set variation where a bunch of random colored bowls are tossed together. This makes me sad because if I'm perfectly honest, the brown and pale yellow vomit bowls just don't cause the same heart song.

Basically, because this set is random there isn't the abundance of orangy Pyrex dishes floating around like there are with other sets (spring blossom). So since this color is in short supply, when I saw these two mugs at Goodwill I pounced on them like an alley cat after a chubby mouse.

And here is where I need your help, Pyrex people...
When I flip the dishes over all three have a different brand name on the bottom.
The bowl is Pyrex but the mugs are Corning and Corelle.
Can someone please explain the different brand names on the bottom? I read that Corning now owns Pyrex and will license out the name but from my understanding these pieces were made awhile ago.



    This site has TONS of Pyrex info! I have a weakness for it too!

  2. Hey, I believe Corning makes/made Corelle and Pyrex. If you go to the Corning Glass museum in Corning NY they have a display on how they created Pyrex....very interesting. We went a couple years ago, worth the trip. You can try looking them up o the web but it might seem like a research paper:) When I looked up Corning I got info on their industrial applications but if you go at it from a different angle you should find more...look up the museum....

  3. I can't be much help with the different naming, but I love my pyrex and corelle SO much!