Sunday, July 15, 2012

pattern and print

 Occasionally, when I'm rummaging through thrift stores a glorious graphic design book will show itself, just waiting to be snatched.
This one came home with me a few years ago but I still love flipping through the pages.
There is so much awesome in this book that even after looking at it dozens of times it still feels fresh. With out fail something new will pop out that leaves me scurrying to my sketchbook to doodle.

This book is awesome because it not only highlights tons of artists and their patterns, but for many will show a picture the 3D object the print went on whether it be a mug, t-shirt, or notebook.
It's almost eye candy overload. almost. But we all know that's not possible.

Tell me, friends - what colorful books are you looking at?


  1. That's a pretty cool book! Love all the vintage prints in it! :)

  2. What an amazing book!! I love it :) I wish I could find something that awesome!