Thursday, July 12, 2012

books of the match persuasion

I am not a smoker so I don't know if places still give out matchbooks but lately it seems like I've stumbled across some in my thrifting endeavors annnnnnd at the parental compound. Unfortunately, the ones at the thrift store were in really rough condition but my parents keep theirs in a jar and thus semi-preserved. These are a few that my heart fancies...

Yeah, I don't really know why I like that Holiday Inn one either.
Now, forgive me while I fixate on this recently made but oh-so graphically interesting blue box.

Does anyone else find these interesting? There is a thought rolling around in my head that a collection of colorful books would look quite fetching in a frame :)


  1. I'd love to see those framed! I'm interested by them, for sure. My grandfather always had a collection, so perhaps they remind me of him.

  2. I find this interesting. :) I have thought about saving them as soon but I thought it would be just weird. After all.. there is only one thing you can do with them. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. That jar looks surprisingly familiar:) Never looked at matches from the graphic art viewpoint before.

  4. I collect old matchbooks. I have about 30 of them and each is so unique and charming. I really like them, I have them displayed in a bowl that was made from a bent/melted record.

    1. How awesome! I would love to see pictures of your collection!