Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why I Like Shakti's Blog : Three Posts From Her Archives

Hi ... It's Loulou here from Loulou Downtown! As part of Shakti's Monthly Blogger Partnership Series (for which I am her June partner!) we thought that it would be fun to pick three past posts by the other, that we particularly liked and tell readers about them.I had a hard time picking only 3 entries to highlight, as Shakti's blog is filled with great photography, excellent handmade things and lots of cute outfit posts. Here are my choices from her archives. If you haven't seen these posts, I hope you'll click through and have a look.

(1) I really loved this post from December 2011, where Shakti showed readers the metal container she made in her Metals class. I remember being blown away seeing that she had made this seemingly complicated work of art. It turned out so beautifully. Click the link below the picture to see the post, where she has included photographs of the procedure.

 (2) I enjoyed seeing Shakti's first vlog, posted in February, where she discusses the meaning of her unique name. I found it really cool seeing her 'in person' and hearing her voice. You should check out that cuteness!

(3) Shakti is the eldest of four girls and it is clear this is a family that loves one another. Back in May they gathered for a photo shoot which I really enjoyed seeing. These are pictures that the four of them will surely treasure forever.

Thanks for checking out my favourites of Shakti Dove's posts. Like I said, it was so difficult to narrow it down to three! I look forward to seeing what is yet to come from this fun and interesting on-line friend! xo loulou


  1. Great! Such a great way to get to know you, as a new reader!!

  2. we do love each other! its quite wonderful!