Friday, June 8, 2012

What I Wore: Electric

Many moons ago I posted a jean dyeing tutorial in which I whined about not being able to find colored jeans that adequately covered my long legs. My whining shall be less from this day forward because the most glorious pair of electric blue pants presented themselves to me at.... a garage sale!!!! For ONE DOLLAR!
Friends, I have started my sale season off with a bang because the other garage sale I stopped at gave me even more awesome loot. Seriously, my jeep was so full of great things for such a ridiculously cheap price that I kinda feel guilty. Like I stole from them. But I guess that's just what happens when a cute girl stops at a sale run by elderly men who have 'junk' to get rid of ;)

 Squid shirt - Design by Humans
Jeans - Garage sale!
Sandals - Nomi
Purse - Made by me!
Bracelets and belt - thrifted


  1. Jealous of your jeans! I paid $45 for my blue pair at American Eagle. Have you tried their jeans? I'm long-legged, and they work!

  2. I completely understand that long leg struggle, lol. Those jeans are awesome- great find :)

  3. So cute! Love those cute bargains :)

  4. Excellent find my friend! They look terrific on you. I'm also digging your handmade purse.


  5. ONE DOLLAR! That's amazing! And they look so great on you! I mean, you make those look so great!

  6. For finding them at a garage sale for $1 they are stunning and so bright!! Lucky you! And in my favourite clothing colour!

  7. I love colored pants! They look great with your hair!