Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This is probably a bit silly but it can't be helped it was just so pretty!
I snapped a bunch of pics when the mundane task of refilling a soap bottle turned into color magic.


  1. Shakti, it is pretty. I love watching water when you drop in a bit of food coloring....The swirls and such. On another note I am now using Olivia's lap top and I don't like it. But I didin't know my contacts would not be on web mail...gggrrr. Could you email me you, your mom,aunt Iona and any otheres you think I might need email addresses. This was the only way I know to get in touch wiht you other thans eeing you next weeek. I apologize for spelling errors you get the drift.

  2. Good morning Shakti, I hope life is treating you well :)

    If you hadn't said this was soap, I would've been completely confused, lol. It has a very celestial look to it. Especially the last photo.

    Have a great day darlin,

  3. :] It looks like the galaxy!! I would have done the same, haha.

  4. It looks super pretty! Like Allison said, a galaxy or something straight out of space. Too cool.

  5. Very pretty and good clean fun! Haha.

  6. I don't think it's silly at all! Love it! Sweet idea girly.