Saturday, June 16, 2012

Slice of Life: Photo an hour

Loulou and I thought it would be fun for us to do a photo-an-hour post on the same day and see how things compare.  Here are a few snippets of my life from last Tuesday. Just so you know, this is my first time doing an hourly picture and I missed a few (shhhh) BUT you still get a general idea of how a day with Keith goes when neither of us have any obligations...

8 O'clock hour - I have pried myself from bed. Keith runs the AC at full blast so our room is freezing. It makes it super hard to get out from under the cozy blankets.

9 O'clock - time for some breakfast snackage

10 O'clock - Edit some pictures and work on a few blog posts

11 O'clock - FAIL - Cleaning and dishes with my hands and Netflix with my head. How do you take a picture of that?

12 O'clock - Getting dressed. Should I feel a bit bad that it is after noon when I got dressed? Probably. Do I? Most certainly not.

1 O'clock and 2 O'clock - running some errands

3 O'clock - Return some books to the library and get lost in the quiet isles for a few moments.

4 O'clock - Pop in at a local old-fashioned soda fountain shop for a delicious marshmallow Coke. YUM
5 O'clock - FAIL

6 O'clock - Tasty dinner of pulled pork (quite possibly one of my all time favorite meals) and coleslaw at a new eatery
7 O'clock - FAIL
8 O'clock - FAIL

 9 O'clock - We took a walk to soak up the last little bit of light

There it is! This is my life. I am blessed, yeah?


  1. Look like it was a good day! I love your blanket .. so pretty. And marshmallow coke is something I didn't even know existed. It sounds very interesting.


  2. Nice job! It's not as easy as it sounds :) I love doing a photo an hour!