Monday, June 25, 2012

Room to Breathe

While I was in the kitchen making bread I had lots of time to think about how teensy and UNfunctional ours is. I love the simplicity of this kitchen. And its space.

I found it on pinterest but there was no link :(


  1. I do too. I love the gray navy color of the island. So simple and refreshing.

  2. I love the challenge of trying to make really complicated dishes in a tiny little kitchen! Fun fact...kitchens in France don't have upper cupboards. Now THAT's unfunctional to me!

    1. They don't have upper cupboards? Where do they put there dishes!? 2 of the 4 cupboards in our kitchen are up. I cannot imagine trying to work in a kitchen with only half the storage space. YIKES!

  3. I want a big roomy kitchen too. With an island like this. and lots of cabinets. I have a lot of wants :)

  4. I would love to have a kicten like this..