Thursday, June 7, 2012

The UNglamorous side of life P2: roofing

My parentals are putting a new roof on their house so Keith and I have been out there the past several days. I am plum wore out. And I haven't even been doing the hard stuff.

 Keith is clearly enjoying himself.


  1. It looks incredibly difficult but I always associate being on roofs as absolutely the best time ever!

  2. Oh, yes. A roof. The thought of putting a new roof on wears me out, too! I say, pass the lemonade. I'll just sit here patiently on the porch swing while the shingles drop around me.

  3. For some, roof repair is just an easy thing to do, which is why several people choose to do their own roofing jobs. They really enjoy climbing up there and self-assuredly do some repairs. My father also loves working on the roof. He told me that at first he found out, that it wasn’t as easy as he thought, but after some hard work, he learned well and now he’s such an expert when it comes to it. Haha!