Sunday, June 24, 2012

My snazzy bread from scratch

As one of our "together" activities, Loulou and I thought it would be fun for us to take the same basic bread recipe, doctor it up to our liking, and then compare results.
To jazz mine up I used a bit of orange peel and several heaping spoonfuls of strawberry preserves (I had planned on using raspberry jelly but that wasn't what was in the back of the fridge. sad.) It turned out alright. It's definitely edible but I think it could have used a bit of brown sugar.
Loulou's bread, however, sounds like a taste of heaven. Check out her recipe!

A bit of honesty:
This sounded like a lot of fun when I proposed the idea to her but once I was in the kitchen I remembered when I don't frequent that space very often. And I completely understand why the bread machine was invented.
Did. not. enjoy. 


  1. My mom makes this often! We've never used oranges.. worth a try.

    1. Your mom rocks. I would say go for it but definitely add some brown sugar!

  2. Aww you don't like making bread? It's so fun! I feel awesome when I do it. But that goes to show how different everyone is :) have a great Sunday sweet cheeks :)

  3. Aawww it wasn't that bad was it? Bread baking can be fun, try again. Think of me trying to do it in China....where bread flour is just about non existent. I did find some good info on a link from the Middle Kingdom web site. I will let you know how it goes.

  4. mmm the orange and jelly sounds like it would have been good. I like how cute your loaves turned out. I thought the whole experience was very interesting for sure and it seems I like the process more than you did! But having a bread machine, I think next time I'll use it to get to the dough part and then shape it or do whatever I want with it from that stage. But all in all, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make homemade bread! And I'm so glad to tick that one off my "to do at least once in life" list.

    btw, you were asking about my vintage Christmas ornament collection. I posted some of them in December which you can find my searching "Baubles on Branches" on my site.


  5. I always thought making bread would be super hard and not worth the effort lol

  6. It looks delicious! Adding in the orange flavor is such a great idea. (Although I totally agree with you about the bread maker. Same with sewing clothes - why sew something when you can pay for something much better made, right?)

    xo, B