Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I was flipping through an art journal I made back in 09 and turned this up. And I'm not sure if it stood out to me because there has been virtually no rain in the past 3 weeks or because that's how my heart feels.
It's strange to describe...
I am thirty for life. I am tired of feeling like my life has yet to begin, because I know that is false. This is my life and it is happening now. But this endless schooling is draining. Not that I'm particularly excited for a 9-5 work week but I feel stagnant. Not that stagnant is dry.

Perhaps dusty would be a good way to describe how I feel.
My life feels dusty.
And dust thirsts, right?

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  1. I know how you feel...I wish we could live life how it should be lived...not just going to school and working some 9-5...but we need money to pay bills...I hope you find what you need to quench your thirst!