Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Chocolate Covered Apple Pops

When Keith and I were honeymooning in Seattle I discovered the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and their chocolate covered apples that were probably more chocolate than apple. If you've never had one let me just say they became my snack of choice for the week and fortunately, since I was his new bride, he indulged me and allowed me to spend quite a bit of money on those.
Now, we don't have a RMCF close to home. See the problem?
Below is the answer. AND IT"S REALLY EASY TO DO! While I certainly don't have any candy making secrets this is how we did chocolate covered apples. From the rate at which they were snarfed down I would say that we were successful in make a tasty treat.

INGREDIENTS: apples, chocolate, sprinkles and other toppings
NEEDED: skewers, foam block

1) Wash, slice, and skewer all the apples. The slices I cut varied from 1/2 inch to 1 inch thickness. No need to be super particular. Stab the skewer all the way through the apple slice. This keeps it on the stick once it's covered in heavy chocolate and toppings.
2) Melt the chocolate. Chocolate chips were what we used.
3) Put the chocolate on the apple - either by dipping it in, spreading with a knife, or drizzling it on with a spoon.
4) Toppings!  We had bowls of mixed nuts, sliced almonds, craisins, heath, and of course, sprinkles!

Once the apple has been dressed to your liking stick it a foam block till the chocolate hardens. You can see what we used really well a couple pictures up.

Don't waste the bits! They are perfect for getting the last bits of chocolate out of the bowl and taste just as good. Also just as good? The 'messy' ones.


  1. Ive been to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Seattle! Also in Toronto but still...these look yummy! What I love is that it's not a full apple!

  2. Brilliant! They're gorgeous and must taste so good. Much better than cake-pops in my books. Nothing beats fruit and chocolate together!

    Cool that you went to Seattle for your honeymoon. I've been there once and really loved that city!


  3. These are the cutest things ever!!