Saturday, June 2, 2012

a couple things that make me excited

I had a new experience yesterday and it blew. my. mind. The location blew my mind.
I got cotton candy at a buffet restaurant. Yes, cotton candy at a buffet. It practically makes the fair obsolete in my book. W, J, and I all got some and then sat giggling with delight as we ate it. My heart was happy. So was my mouth.

I couldn't resist. That picture was too perfect not to layer on pixlr effects :)

The puff of sugary deliciousness practically makes that place one of my favorite places to eat. And that's saying a lot. Typically, I avoid buffets. They gross me out for a couple reasons. First, I don't really like the fact that the food I'm about to be eating just had dozens of dirty strangers swarming around it. Sorry, but those tiny glass "protection domes" just don't convince me. But honestly, I can stomach that. What really gets me is the waste. People get a plate FULL of food, take 10 bites, and toss the rest simply because they can. It is disgusting. I can't bear to watch it.
End rant.

~ ~ Now for a drastic change in topic ~ ~

A couple days ago the debut trailer for the new Castlevania: Lord of Shadows game was released!  I can't wait to play it! Hopefully the release date will be posted soon. Then the great debate will be whether we fork over the cash and buy it new or wait 6 months for a used copy from Game Stop.

Does it not look AWESOME!? The first LoS is one of the only games I played through (thanks to the single joystick control scheme) on my own.
I really hope that this new one doesn't suck. Disappointment is no fun.


  1. what?!?! cotton candy at a buffet?! no way!
    xo TJ

  2. Oh, I so love cotton candy! So cool that they served it in a restaurant. The picture looks great.

    (ps. I sent you an e-mail, in case you haven't logged in there)