Friday, May 25, 2012

The UNglamorous side of life: Car Repairs p.1

You know how the other day I mentioned the exciting car parts I got as birthday presents? Well, I wasn't kidding. My beautiful, functional, comfy, COMPLETELY PAID FOR (thank you dad) Jeep is getting a bit aged. And while she hasn't taken any massive, money sucking death dumps on me (you know, aside from expected brakes and tires (again, thank you dad)) there has been a growing list of quirky and problematic items that needed repaired and/or replaced. For example:

Ladies, if you do this yourself (meaning: your husband does it hehehe) this is an easy, CHEAP fix. My terminals were on the brink of leaving me stranded in the thrift store parking lot. Which actually might not have been all that bad ;)


  1. Good job. Functional presents really are the best. P.S. I taught Uncle Mike how to change the oil!!

  2. Wow. Big difference! Thanks for the tip! I changed my own oil once and I was pretty proud of myself, but it wasn't worth the trouble and time. I decided I can definitely pay for an expert to handle it in the future!

  3. one of the things ive always admired about you is your ability to make the unglamorous things in life look glamorous. it was ever a sorce of envy as a child. i dont think anyone else has ever been able to make me jelous over doing dishes or folding laundry. i think to a degree you may have done it on purpose to manipulate me into doing your chores, but mostly i think your just passionate about life. it makes you a beautiful person. your depth amazes me. ... sorry bout the typos, my phone is angry