Friday, May 11, 2012

My sweet red stool

Confession: this vintage cutie has been in my kitchen for months, hidden under a pile of gross canned food until I could make a proper (adorable) cushion for it.

Keith and I found this in the back of a junk store and while my Mr. wasn't sold right away I certainly was. Why? First - because it is red and vintage and a perfect addition to the kitchen and second - because it is much like a blue stool my Grandma has in her kitchen. (Ahem. I would like to point out the sentimental feeling going on here because I rarely have any.)

Let's pause for a moment to swoon over the little pull out steps. Now let's discuss the terrible shape the original vinyl seat is in. Do you see why I made that cushion!? Yikes. 
Anyone have experience recovering this sort of thing? Tips and helpful hints would be soo much appreciated. Until then I'll keep that cushion tied on. Which, if you were wondering, I made out of a thrifted vintage shirt that I tried to alter by didn't get quite right. The fabric is so pretty and colorful that I pondered long and hard about how to reuse. I'm glad it's in the kitchen where I'll see it all the time. 

Does this ^ picture make your heart as happy as it makes mine?

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  1. I instantly thought of mom's when I saw that!! usually the seat is just held on with screws which are easy to take off then remove the cover which is probaly stapled on and voila! a place to start afresh. Also ask your mom, she is a proat recovering seats:)

  2. P.S. very fine steel wool will shine up that chrome

    1. I have a second confession: I haven't cleaned it at all. ;) I'll definitely use your tip and put some steel wool to it but it would probably look a lot better with just a wipe down with Softscrub. I've been waiting for a warm sunny day to haul it out to my parents and use the hose.

  3. I can't believe your husband didn't love it right away! The fold-away steps are so cool and convenient! I don't know how to fix the seat but the cushion is a good idea bc if you ever got tired of the pattern, you could make another one and it would feel like a whole new chair. Super cool stool though. I'm a wee bit jealous.

  4. So cute! Love those fold-away stairs. And I especially love that snappy cushion. Well done.