Friday, May 4, 2012

Interview: Melanie from My Billie

Friends! I'm really excited about this post. I discovered Melanie's blog, My Billie, a couple months ago and instantly developed a major girl crush.  This girl is awesome! After becoming comment buddies and swapping buttons I asked her if she'd like to be be part of my Friend series (new name needed badly, but it's the series I talked about in the previous post) and she happily agreed. I've enjoyed getting to know her so much and am excited about the other things we have in store this month!
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Share three random facts about yourself :D
1 - I wake up almost every night in the middle of the night to make sure my dog Maddy is in bed with me. She's the best snuggler! 
2 - My family taught me to be an extremely understanding person. I tend to look at new situations from several angles and viewpoints before diving into a project or forming a solid opinion (it can be very time-consuming and exhausting!). 
3 - I spray paint everything. EVERYTHING.

What is the most played song on your ipod?
Eep! I actually don't own an ipod! I normally do the Pandora thing and my stations lately have been rotating between fun., regina spektor, francoise hardy and glasser!

Do you have a life verse, mantra, or mission statement that you go by?
I think a really important thing to remember on a daily basis is that you can't rate a human's worth on a scale. And you can't do something to make your worth greater or lesser. Its a nice reminder when you're feeling down and its a good way to keep yourself in check if you have a tendency to compare yourself with others. 

You obviously love blogging. What have you learned about yourself through your blog?
Hmmm. I've learned to promote myself and not feel silly while doing it. Blogging has also provided a lot of opportunities to be kind and humble towards others.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Related to blogging (and in turn relating to my personal life) I'm most proud that I've received good results from how much work and time I've put into my blog. I get so much satisfaction from blogging, but underneath it all its a strategic step in creating a web presence, which will help when I launch my vintage e-commerce site later this year! Aside from blogging I'm incredibly proud of my little support circle of friends and family. I'm truly blessed!

How about a failure? Care to share any wisdom you learned from the experience?
Last fall when I was managing a local coffee shop in Jackson I forgot that I had scheduled myself to work a short shift the day after Thanksgiving. The women in my family normally go shopping the day after so I just assumed I had given myself off. Turns out I didn't have it off but I didn't realize it until later on that day. The guy I was supposed to be working with was so busy he couldn't even take a second to call me! When I approached him about it he was of course pretty mad at me and told me there wasn't really anything I could do to make it better (I even offered to bake him a pie, which he didn't find too funny). As in most situations, time was the cure. I consistently treated him cordially every time I saw him until we were eventually "okay" again.

The lesson I learned here was how to accept anger from other people. I'm a perfectionistic do-gooder so this was incredibly uncomfortable to sit in. My natural tendency is to list off all the things that I do right--as in I was trying to justify why he shouldn't really be mad at me. But it was a valuable lesson for me to stop the excuses and let him be mad. Because he should have been! Lesson learned.

Do you feel like you've become an adult?
Yes. I've always felt older than I actually was and I've always been a little bit more mature than my peers. I naturally crave responsibility, leadership and independence. Going back to the coffee shop that I managed....I started managing there when I was 21 and had a staff of ten employees who were all older than me! I've always had a job and started living on my own right out of high school. And now I have cool stuff like debt that I'm paying off and a puppy that I take care of! I'm super focused on my long-term career at the moment so that probably makes me feel more like an adult than anything else.

When you have 30 minutes of free time what do you do?
My relaxing pretty much always involves a beer! I'll grab one and sit outside (along with my daily dose of Zyrtec) or watch whatever Netflix movie/shows I have in. Or nap. But without a beer. Because cuddling glass isn't fun.

How now brown cow?
I'll take two, please.
 Isn't she just a lovely person?


  1. Ahhh Shakti yayy! I loved answering these! You had such great questions : ) Thanks for having me as your featured friend this month!

  2. Oh, I love Melanie! She is such a sweetheart and has amazing style. Can't get enough of her blog.

  3. i love melanie's blog! loved reading her answers here too - i love having my pup in bed with me too!