Tuesday, April 10, 2012

retro rocket

Just as a little special something, my mom got me a bottle of turquoise nail polish.
Of course, when I saw that it was supposed to be color changing mood polish I hastily painted one of my thumbs. Unfortunately, it is not color changing but it IS matte (yes, please!). Then since one of my thumbs was teal and my other fingers red, I got to admiring my retro color combination. I actually used to dislike this combo but it has grown on me over the last few years and now I'm actually flashing it on my fingertips.
I tried the tape method for the two toning but I need to practice more. Ack!

 Do my nails not wink at this amazing vintage popsicle sign?


  1. That ad makes me laugh. Your nails are great- too bad the whole mood part doesn't work! If it had, I would have been all over that! Maybe I'll paint my nails anyway and just tell people it's a mood polish...

  2. Nice nails! Anyway thanks for have visited my blog and drop by a comment, that's sweet.


  3. That looks really nice. Now, get back to your schoolwork girl! Hehe, just kidding. Thinking of you as you wrap up your semester.