Monday, April 23, 2012

A note to the Birthday Boy

Yesterday we celebrated Husband's 25th year! Whoop! Whoop! Unfortunately, I am the bad wife who forgot the camera and was unable to document the festivities properly.
On to plan B for this post...

So, Keith, knowing that you occasionally read this blog...
When you happen upon this post I hope it reminds you of some things.

I enjoy hanging out with you more than any other person on the planet. 
You are goofy and sweet and strong and smushy.
It is nice to know that I don't have to figure out this life alone because you will always be by my side.
Growing up and becoming 'proper' adults is so much less overwhelming since we're doing it together, yeah?

I've told you this before but I don't think you understand just how much I appreciate that you are the Keeper of the Kitchen. I am such a lucky woman to be married to a man that cooks and does dishes. And does laundry! I just want to kiss you when I come around the corner and see you folding a pile of T-shirts and towels. And remember that time you thought Squeak was lost? The level of concern you showed for that cat was probably the sweetest thing I'd ever seen. You will make a great dad.

I love that you love my family.
I love that you love me.
So Happy Birthday, babe!
I look forward to the next 60+ we will spend together.