Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My very own machine of many wonders

I received the most awesome, incredible gift the other day. I have been extravagantly blessed.
I was given a Cricut machine! And two cartridges!
If you are unfamiliar with Cricut, it is a die cut machine. You buy cartridges that plug into the machine and then watch in awe as the machine cuts your paper into perfect things.

My first encounter with Cricut was a couple years ago when I was whipping up wedding decorations. After struggling to cut out paper flowers and feeling like I would have to re-imagine my wedding because cutting out the hundreds of flowers I needed just wasn't doable, my pastor's wife came to the rescue and loaned me her machine. Like everyone who has ever used one, I was blown away by the magic of it all and wanted one. Unfortunately, they are pricey machines and they need a lot of pricey accessories and it just wasn't in our budget. 
Fast forward two years and many machine borrowings later to the day when I was bestowed that Cricut to keep as my very own.
My PW upgraded to the larger (12 in) machine and thought I would enjoy the smaller (6 in) one she would no longer need.
She thought correctly.


  1. So cool, they are fun, you are blessed!

  2. These pictures are so cool!

  3. Wow, crazy! I've never seen these before! I used to be obsessed with label makers but this is like 20x better. Geez Louise.

  4. Fantastic! You are very lucky someone gifted you with such a cool thing. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations.