Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I was wrong when I claimed that all the pictures from the weekend's camping trip were total garbage. While going through them again a select few stood out as least being decent (!)
We went camping at a reservoir, however during the winter the water is let out of the dam and the lake dries, leaving a dusty, desert bowl. It was so fun to walk around, knowing that in a few weeks the place where we were standing would be 15 feet under water.

 It got a bit chilly once the sun started to go down otherwise we probably would have enjoyed a good mud wallow in the few wet spots.  I've always wanted to mud wrestle, you know.


  1. Wow neat! Can't say I've ever seen an emptied out lake. Too bad you didn't get some mud wrestling in. Those are pictures that would have been worth seeing, blur and bad smiles or not.


  2. Great photo. The earth is so amazing, isn't it? I can't wait to spend more time in nature next week!