Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The magic of adultness

Since Keith turned 25 and I'm about to roll into my 24th year it has me thinking about aging and being an adult. 
Being an adult is pretty great. While it isn't the total lawless freedom I thought when I was a squeak, there are definitely some premium perks.  Did anyone else think adults had it sooo good and that the only reason they had kids was so they could have slave labor? I had a seriously distorted idea of what adulthood was and what happened when you reached that mysterious age. How stupid I was. Thinking about it, there are a lot of lousy thinks about being responsible but who wants to think about those? Not I, so back to the perk part. Here is a glorious example...

If I want to eat Oreos for breakfast, I do.
And it was delicious.
Magical, I dare say.

Another perk is that if I want to "spoil my appetite" by eating junk right before dinner, I spoil my appetite.
If a hankering for a large omelet of cheesy goodness strikes at 2:36 AM, I go to ihop.
If I want to stay out late on a Tuesday night then I stick it to bedtime and live it up!
Basically, any of those glorious activities that make me think, "If mom saw this she would give me that look."
Yes. I love those little activities. They make being mature and responsible worth it. 

So here's to being an adult! Three cheers for Oreo breakfasts, "school-night" outings, and having the ability to make your own choices because you pay your own bills!


  1. Hahaha! Those Oreos look delicous.
    I know that look my sister can give:)

  2. Oh man.... That is SO my thought process.

    Continue on with your oreo desserts-- and I shall continue to have spontaneous random outings at odd hours and go to late night movie showings. hehehe ;)

  3. Haha hilarious! I remember looking forward to adulthood so that I could have my choice of music on the stereo in the living room, and be able to watch what I wanted on tv. I had to laugh yesterday when I went to play a bit of xbox first thing in the morning before getting to work, and Nick closed the blinds, stating (while laughing) that he didn't want people to be able to see we were playing games first thing in the morning! Oh the joys. Now if only we had some Oreos! No luck on those but we do have chocolate ... It's breakfast time, and pass me the game controller, will you?


    Ps, your photos are excellent.

    1. LOL I'm glad isn't the only person who games in the morning! Another thing that happens that I KNOW looks bad is when someone knocks on the door at 3pm and I answer in my PJs and have just gotten out of the shower. I feel like there needs to be a disclaimer on our door that says "Childless college students live here. They are not lazy bums. They have erratic schedules."
      Whatever. Life is good and it works for us. Let the mailman judge.