Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY "Rubber" Stamp

 I had a [clever] little idea that I had to share with you! Here it is: make a stamp using hot glue! It is marvelously customizable and super easy once you get the hang of it. Not to mention that if you use a glass like I did, it is as temporary or permanent as you would like. So without further ado, here is how I made a "rubber" stamp.

I made my stamp on a POM tea glass (is anyone else saddened that POM no longer comes in those?) so that it could be a roller stamp. For a flat block, a piece of wood or even a milk lid would work wonderfully. 

Using the hot glue create your stamp image on the "stamp block". REMEMBER! WRITE BACKWARDS!
It took a couple tries to get the numbers even and without any blobs in the middle but fortunately, the glue can easily be peeled off.

For these I used acrylic paint but it worked just as well with an actual ink pad.

I also had the idea of making stamps using foam shapes but I don't have any. Guess I'll do that another day. I'll also have to try using veggies as stamps like I keep seeing on Pinterest. Those always have such neat results. Anyways, I hope you make some awesome stamps and make some adorable creations!


  1. you should donate your glue gun to my stamp making cause ;)

  2. How cute!!...great idea, I need to buy another hot glue gun :)

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