Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Printed Pullover - saving you big monies

When I saw this pullover I nearly peed my pants. Then I saw the price tag I did. I'm sorry, but in my book a shirt is just not worth $345.00.  No, sir. But just as lethal mix of anger, despair, and depression began to set in, I snapped to my senses and thought, "Who do they think they are charging that much? I could totally MAKE that. In fact, I WILL. and they will be sorry."
Ok, so that is a bit dramatic - my panties did not get dampened and I wasn't battling depression but I did make my own version of that pullover. The best part! It only cost $4 - I saved $341!

SUPPLIES: sweatshirt with nubby interior, seam ripper, fabric paint, foam (or other material suitable for making a stamp), stamp block, glue

First step was to visit the Will of Good and thrift a plain sweatshirt that had a nubby interior - NOT fleecy. It is very important that the texture of the shirt's interior be correct since it will be flipped inside out.

Step Two was to remove all the tags using a seam ripper.
Step Three - make a stamp that mimics the pattern on the original. I made my stamp using some garbage. I kid you not - the stamp is cut out from a sheet of shipping foam and then hot glued onto an empty plastic package that acts as a stamp block. (Make It Work should be my moto)
Because the color contrast on my sweatshirt wasn't as stark as on the original, I opted to make the pattern stamp a bit BIGGER and BOLDER and also give it a bit more of a tribal flair.
I'm sorry there is not picture of the stamp pre-paint :(
Step Four - bust out the paint! I don't have fabric specific paint but acrylic works great, especially if you mix in the fabric medium.

Step Five - Slide a piece of cardboard into the shirt and then...stamp! Stamp till your heart is full and you can stamp no longer! **** Depending on the paint used, there might be some follow up care, like iron setting the paint, so be sure to read the bottle!

There you have it - my $4 adaptation. Hope you like!

PS - I get quite a few compliments when I wear it. Not to shabby, huh?


  1. That's so cool Shakti! It looks great!

  2. i actuallt like yours better! i may actually do this!

  3. I love this! I have so many random things around the house that I could use at a stamp...thanks for the idea :)