Saturday, April 21, 2012

5 fun things p.i | rings

I don't know if it's the gloomy, wet, freezing weather or what but I am seriously missing the metals class I took last fall. I want to make jewelry so badly I can practically smell the pickle.
Maybe someday when a house is part of my life a metal studio will be in the garage... *sigh*
Until then I will just lust after these rings.

~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~
 I absolutely adore this ring and I am mad jealous of the skills it 
takes to make such a perfectly perfect piece.

 Quercus Silver

~ ~ ~ 2 ~ ~
How fun are these Orbit rings! The enamel is so bright and glorious it's like a feast for thine eyes!
I tried to pick just one ring but couldn't...
PS - I love that they are open and could be adjusted to fit my fatty fingers.


~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~
Simple, sleek, and stunning.
What's not to love?

~ ~ ~ 4 ~ ~
Doesn't the rough oxidation contrast the icy color of the druzy stone beautifully?

~ ~ ~ 5 ~ ~
This piece is part of the Nucleus series. That alone makes me smile but what I really love 
is the way the purple pops. It practically jumps off the ring!

 NR Jewellery

~ ~ ~ BONUS! ~ ~
This little kitty was far too adorable to be excluded.

Every Bear Jewel