Friday, March 23, 2012

What I Wore || Grey, Gold, and Mint

Spring weather makes me happy that I'm a girl and get to wear dresses. It's so perfect.
This dress is so comfortable God himself must have inspired the designer. It's stretchy and light and flattering (not that you can tell how it's cut since I have a shirt over it.)  It is also long. Do you have any idea how many maxi dresses are not long enough for a 6 foot female? I hope someday to find another one in a different color... say, navy blue. That would make me a happy girl.  Once upon a time I had the thought to shorten the dress, but after wearing it again I think it will stay the way it is. 

Jersey dress - thrifted (originally from target)
shirt - thrifted
bow necklace - Nellie Fellow


  1. You look so cute and happy in this ensemble! And your lovely curls look great.