Tuesday, March 13, 2012

three [timid] turtles

While walking through the park, Hubby and I came across these little guys and they made me so stinking happy I had to share them, even though the pictures aren't the greatest... :(
When I first spotted the log there were five or six turtles sun bathing, but I squealed a bit loudly and all but one shot into the water. And by 'shot' I mean they launched themselves off that log so quickly I wasn't sure they were actually there.  Who says turtles are pokey creatures?
Fortunately, this guy stayed (probably because he had to battle the other turtles for that prime spot) and thus I started snapping pics.  While we were quietly perched on the bank a couple other turtles came back.

Turtle One - the Brave Beast who feared not the humans

Turtle Two - Tiny

Turtle Three - Mr. Timid, who was only brave enough to poke his nose up.

They are just so cute! It would have been so great to get a picture of all the basking turtles before I scared them away. Sad times.  Maybe that log will stay wedged there for awhile and I can spy on them again.


  1. It's so hard to get pics of turtles! They're so fast. I've seen like 16 on one log before, I counted. Pretty sure it was a record.