Monday, March 5, 2012

Silly signage

For one of my classes I have to design a series of signs so I decided to do a quick bit of research. These are definitely some of my favorites. They make me laugh so much! Hopefully someday I will encounter one of these and be photographed with it. haha

Tasty, tasty handicapped people  ||  baby snack

Poor crocodiles, victims of such silly signs.


  1. Haha, those are great. At first I thought they were jokes but now realize that they aren't. Interesting that there are places in the world where such signs are necessary!


  2. LOL!those signs are ridiculous...did someone really take their wheelchair into a gator infested place?

  3. haha that's funny. We have some signs around here that are like dinosaur crossing. It's either a raptor on some or different dinosaurs. It's pretty neat.

  4. These are hilarious! You won me over, I'm your newest follower.