Friday, March 16, 2012

Pretty polyhedra

 I found a really great site that has tons printable patterns for crazy geometric shapes so, of course, I made some for a project I'm working on. These pretty little polyhedra turned out quite nicely, if you ask me. They are made from basic construction paper which I then gave a quick spritz of spray paint to make the angles more pronounced.

There is a bit of string folded into each one for tying purposes. It makes them look a bit like candles in these pics. That would be awesome if they were candles! I just might have to go on a quest for geometric candles...


  1. Oh wow, I just had a flashback to my 7th grade math class when I made a rhombi-cosi-dodecahedron! I can't believe that word is still lingering in my brain!

  2. we have a couple of these on the mantle. dave just took and origami/math class! i love them <3