Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am NOT a pencil chewer - that was Squeaks doing. Apparently, the scritch-scratch of a writing pencil sounds a lot like a mouse and is, therefore, irresistible to a kitty. As you can see, I got tired of being pounced on and gave it to her.

The majority of the last few days have been spent doing school work and finishing up class projects. There's no denying that it's time consuming but how can I complain when it involves Mod Podge AND Photoshop? The goal was to design a biodegradable CD/DVD package and insert that is also sturdy and cheap to produce.  Hence the single color printing. 

After much snipping, slicing, and pasting this is the prototype that got the stamp of approval.

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  1. Now that seems like a fun assignment. Very cute prototype!