Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If we had a turtle pie together...

Hubs and I have recently discovered the delights that are in the dessert freezers at the grocery store. And by delights, I mean pies. Particularly, a tasty Turtle something-or-other. SO GOOD. And because there are no children in our household in which to instill manners in, we decided that the best way to eat this pie was straight from the pan.  We also had the thought..."If we're not dirtying plates, why dirty forks?" So we used classy plastic.  The whole experience was truly grand.

So if you and I had sat on the couch with our forks in the middle of that Turtle pie, these are some of the things I would tell you..

* Giggling, I would tell you that I didn't do so well giving my first speech for my Professional Communications class. This actually really surprised me since I'm not super phobic of speaking. But about halfway through I just completely lost my train of thought. To make it worse I couldn't even remember what had just come out of my mouth so I didn't know where to start! HA! It was a bit awkward.

* I would ask if you like going to yard sales? They are such adventures and this beautiful, warm weather has me excited for Saturday morning cinnamon rolls and treasure hunts.

* I would tell you that I've made progress with my goal of reading through the Bible. The first 5 books are finished and I am now in Joshua! Whoop! Whoop!

* And now that I've just put massive amounts of sugar into my mouth I would share that I really need to go to the dentist. My molars hurt :(

So there are some of my thought. Share yours with me? ***


  1. Shakti! Or is Dove part of your first name? Like a double name kinda thing.


    We would indeed be having some great conversation over some turtle pie outta the pan with some plastic cutlery. Cause that's how I prefer to eat my pie anyway.

    I would congratulate you on your reading through the Bible. Seriously girl..high five! And then we'd plan which yard sales we would go to this weekend. And THEN perhaps I'd ask you if gardening was your thing and if so, could you share some sweet gardening tricks with me?

    : )

  2. Yummy! I love turtle pie! My brother read the whole bible once...it took him a year because he was trying to understand the translation between word meanings. good luck! Yard sales are awesome...my favorite!


  3. And I would share the same story about speech class. Forgot what I had said and what I planned to say. Sat down and the teacher made me get back up!! Awkward doesn't do it justice:)

  4. that pie looks yummy! i've read the Bible a jillion times. we were pretty poor when i was kid, but we had a few free Bibles. haha.