Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest post || Powder Blue with Polka Dots

Happy news everyone! This Monday just got a bit better! With great excitement I present to you........ drum roll, please..... Sarah from Powder Blue with Polka Dots! This lady is wonderfully real, oh-so funny, and has quickly worked her way onto my list of favorites. If you haven't been to her blog, make sure you stop by. I promise she will make you laugh. But enough of my chatter. Here are her thoughts and why she blogs...
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Thanks Shakti for asking me to guest blog! I am honored as I am a fan! This is my very first guest blog post ever, and so I decided to blog about blogging. Why not?

I have fallen headfirst into the blog wormhole, and I have no desire to escape. Let me be more specific -- I have fallen in love with "fashion" blogs. I don't especially like the ones that report on trends or what celebrities are wearing. What I like are the blogs about individual girls and their individual style. Is it silly to take photos of what you're wearing, post them to the Internet and ramble on about them? Perhaps. But it's fun! Personal style is all about expression. Blogs are all about expression. Of course the two got married and made beautiful personal-style blog babies. It is the way God intended it.
I used to be addicted to magazines. This was probably not the most positive addiction. In case you didn't notice, fashion magazines are full of really, really skinny women and tips about how to become a really, really skinny woman yourself. There is no one in there who looks like they belong in real life. Perhaps that is part of the fun -- the perfect fantasy of it all, but it's also bad for you. I think it's actually radical to not think your body is totally unacceptable in this day and age. As a culture, we're inundated with ridiculous, unattainable images of "beauty."

But you know what? I find blogs help me heal. There are super cool, fabulous women of all shapes and sizes rocking the hell out of all different sorts of looks. Polka dots! Short shorts! Vintage ridiculousness! Jumpsuits! (Can we talk about jumpsuits? I am both drawn to them and repelled by them. I think I need one. It's a thrifting goal for 2012.) Not only do the women look like real (albeit super awesome) people, they also have real budgets. They thrift! They wear the same thing more than once! AND they have personalities and lives. They post pictures of their pets and the music they like and the dinners they just ate. They post pictures of things that inspire them. Sometimes these pictures are typical "fashion" images of models in gorgeous clothes, but often bloggers are inspired by classic movie stars, rockers from the '70s, Mary Poppins, anything really.

And that is what I love about them. I've had my blog, Powder Blue with Polka Dots, for a while, but I just recently started posting pictures of my outfits. I felt silly doing it before. I still feel silly doing it! But you know what? Fashion is kind of silly. It's not the most drop-dead serious thing, and I think that's why I like it. In fact, the busier and more hectic my life gets, the more I am blogging. I thought it would be the opposite, but I actually find blogging to be a pick-me-up and stress reliever. And I love reading what other women and girls are out there doing. Put on something ridiculous! Tell me about that obscure band! Let's discuss Project Runway All Stars (Do you miss Heidi?) You want to show me pictures of your breakfast pancakes? Awesome.

At this point, I have almost given up fashion magazines completely (and I used to have quite the fashion-magazine addiction). Blogging is better. It's real. It's fun. It's where it's at.

Blogs take fashion and make it fun. Fashion shouldn't be seriously. Fashion


  1. Thank you so much for letting me guest post!

  2. Sarah is great. So funny! In the blog world whirlwind I was recently trying to figure out how I first found her blog. It must have been through you. I'm not surprised that you would be the one to introduce me to another fun blogger!


  3. Yes! I agree completely! Magazines have lost quite a bit of their luster since I started reading so many daily outfit blogs! And yes, I miss Heidi, but not MIchael Kors or Nina! Go Mondo!!!

  4. You said it! Do I feel silly sometimes? You bet! Do I like it? You bet! Thanks for your take on this crazy wonderful world full of interesting real people.

  5. Well done you really enjoyed reading this post ;-)) And i agree blogland is a great place to be and a lovely way to express your own personnal style. dee x

  6. I love this post, so well written! I find blogs so inspiring, for every reason you just said! :)