Saturday, February 18, 2012

swanky swig

I found this little cup at a vintage store and after looking at it for a few seconds that adorable deer weaseled his way into my heart.
I did a bit of sleuthing and apparently it's part of a line of kids juice cups from the 1950s called Kiddie Kups (clever, clever). The cups also fall into a larger, looser category known as Swanky Swig glass. Who knew?

If you want to know more, this article was particularly helpful: Collecting Not-So-Swanky Swanky Swigs

The ring of white animals around the top is my favorite part. So PRECIOUS!
Guess I now have another thing to look for while I'm thrifting ;)


  1. So cute! I really like how you used the pink tissue paper to make it easier to see the design on the cup. Good thinking!


  2. these are SO adorable! I wouldn't have been able to pass on them either!:)

  3. Oh no, I think you're mistaken .. That cup had my name on it and was reserved for me! Haha, kidding of course, but I sure do love it. I'm on the lookout for swanky swigs but so far no luck except if I wanted to pay $10 per glass plus delivery cost on eBay, which I do not! Excellent find, my friend.


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