Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random snaps

1) Spontaneous midnight date to IHOP for stuffed French toast with strawberries!
What a great hubby I have.

2) Old keys from apartments we no longer live in and cars we no longer own. I'm not really sure why we keep them. Suppose it's because they hold random memories, even if we can't remember what they went too.

3) Plaid socks, flannel pjs, and original hexie bathroom floor tiles. Three simple delights.

4) Bowl full of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough made for the sole purpose of being eaten raw :D

5) Some of my families gadgets.

6) A couple posts ago I mentioned a shoe snitcher. There she is, looking all innocent.
Good thing I love her a lot.


  1. Mix the raw cookie dough into ice-cream, its really amazing!


  2. cute pictures :) I wish I could have late night runs to get some food, but in Vermont nothing close is open late or 24 hours.

  3. Would you like to send me your email address and I will send you mine?

  4. Shoe snitchers always look innocent:)