Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home again, home again, jiggity-jog

This weekend was quite exciting.  I went to not one, but TWO concerts! AND ate some seriously delicious food (the good food is exciting because normally by the time tickets and gasoline are purchased I can only afford dollar menu delights). Thanks to dad for taking care of me!

Friday night was The Crystal Method.

It looks like the stage is empty but I promise it's not. They just wore black and put all the lights in front of the stage instead of on it.

Saturday evening consisted of Chevelle opened by Middle Class Rut.

 I forgot how much I like Chevelle.
I LOVED their albums Wonder Whats Next and This Type of Thinking so I bought Vena Sera the day it was released. What a disappointment. I kinda dismissed the band at that point. Now they have two more albums that I haven't even listened too! How does this happen!? Lucky for me they played a ton of "old stuff".

I used to go to a show every couple weeks or so, but not anymore. I really miss doing that. Not just for the music but for the mini roadtrips with friends. Ahh, to be young and bill free.

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  1. how exciting! I've only been to one concert in my whole life! lol It was No Doubt back in 2002...10 years ago!!! I'm glad you had fun :) I'm planning on some concerts here least one...I need to add that to me to-do list!