Monday, February 13, 2012

The Great Shoe Challenge and ReStyle

A few days ago I challenged myself to thin out my shoe collection. I call it a challenge because
2) It feels like my collection has already been thinned down.  Courtesy of my sister(s) who likes to shop my closet and "borrow" my shoes.
I wouldn't say it was a massively successful undertaking as I only got rid of two pairs and the closet shoe crate is still overflowing, BUT it did inspire a restyle.

See those boring black flats? I've had them since my sophomore year in high school. Not even kidding.  At first they were in the Get Rid pile (meaning I was going to dump three pairs of shoes) but then I got all sad about it and pulled them out of the bag (back down to two).

At this point in the story I broke out my fabric, acrylic paint, vintage buttons, and mod podge and gave them a makeover.  Now they are fresh and I will wear them again! And frequently, because I cleverly used an adorable rainbow plaid for the bow and they will match everything.

*About half way through shoe one I pondered making this into a DIY post but decided I wouldn't insult your intelligence by showing how to glue fabric on a shoe.

So there it is. The snazzy shoe ReStyle.


  1. That is super impressive!!I love those flats and they look like totally new shoes! Maybe one day you should post the DIY for the ones (me) who aren't so sure on how to glue fabric on a shoe :)

  2. insult my intelligence please! I would love a tutorial on these

  3. aw they look so adorable, you are so creative!!i love the little triangles, these look so GREAT!! :)

  4. Sooo pretty D: I really like it!
    Thank you for sharing your idea. I linked it in a serie I'm writing for my blog (, hope you don't mind :)