Friday, February 17, 2012

First vlog! Your name is whaaaa?

Alright. So I decided to give vlogging a go. I felt like such a GOON.
And I forgot to mention that Shakti means "powerful" - fyi.

I didn't realize how long my hair has gotten until I watched this. I think it went through a growth spurt. Caused by the massive amount of avocados I've been eating lately. Yes?

 HELP! 1) what video editing software should I use? 2) how does one center a vimeo video without using the massive black box behind the video?


  1. you are a goon, but a very cute goon

  2. I was totally saying your name right in my head. So I feel I should get a gold star or something.

  3. Hey you. .. Nice to see you :) you're right ... My head pronunciation of your name was a little off. But is shan't be any longer.