Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Maybe this is mean but it must be shared. I nearly snorted beverage out of my nose when I saw this....

The  heaps of junk! The cat turds and decayed animal! The smudges on the floor! Everything is so perfectly hoarder.   There is even a STORY to go with it.

Geez. I'm going to go clean my home now. 

Funny tidbit - The first time Keith and I saw an episode of Hoarders was on our honeymoon. We were so shocked and appalled we couldn't tear our eyes away and ended up watching 5 episodes. Romantic, huh?


  1. hahaha this is great! So much time and detail. I love it.

  2. Agreed, so much detail and I feel dirty just looking at it. I'm also incredibly creeped out by the dolls face.....why does such a thing exist?

  3. Haha .. So funny! Love it. Though it wasn't on our honeymoon, Nick and I got hooked on that Hoarders show after seeing ot the first time too, and over about a week had watched all the episodes they had on Netflix at the time.


  4. this dollhouse is awesome! we watch hoarders too...so sad...and weird!