Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY colored jeans

 I am now the proud wearer of pale pink jeans!

Since I am tall it's challenging to find pants that fit properly.  Because of this, when I am out and about at thrift stores and I find a pair that's gloriously long I will buy them, whether I need them or not. I don't advocate buying stuff you don't need but this works well for my pants situation. When the pair I'm wearing shreds I'm not left in the crisis status of being pantsless, I simply go to the drawer and pull out a pair that I've hoarded away. 
Anyways, so while it's challenging to find regular jeans that are long enough, it's been nearly impossible to find fun, colored jeans that fit and are reasonable priced. 
That got me thinking.....
Since I have a drawer full of denim waiting to be worn why don't I change its color!!!

Frankly, I can't believe it took me so long to think of that.

Jeans, tub, bleach, acrylic paint or fabric dye, salt (optional)

1) Bleach the jeans  - the amount of bleach and soak time will differ depending on the denim you use and how light you want to get it. I bleached mine till they reached khaki color.
2) Wash jeans in the washing machine - this makes sure all the bleach is gone and the pants are ready to absorb the dye.

3) Mix dye bath - I used a couple spoonfuls of acrylic paint and water. I added salt to the dye bath. (I don't know if the salt actually did anything but it felt right to dump some in.)
4) Soak the jeans in the dye bath stirring frequently.
5) Toss the jeans in the dryer - the color looks very different when it's dry
6) If desired, give the jeans another soak in dye bath

 - - -
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  1. Wow! They look really awesome, and the dye is so even and they look bought! My sister and I tried our little hands at dying a sheet once and we failed epically.


  2. They are so cute, you are so your mom:) aunt mo

  3. Wow, i can't believe how well they turned out! To dye for ... Hardy har har! xo happy weekend to you.


  4. Those jeans turned out amazing! What a fun project...I love the end color.

  5. ahh what a wonderful idea, they turned out fantastic!! i just might have to try this out, thanks!! :)

  6. Thanks :) just what I was looking for, and your jeans look awesome!

  7. How does the acrylic paint hold up in the wash? Also are they stiff? I have never used paint to dye clothing before

    1. The paint holds up fine in the wash since acrylics are permanent once they dry. Think about how if you accidentally get paint on a shirt it's ruined unless you manage to get it washed off before it dries. It's not stiff. BUT, if you are worried, use fabric dye like I suggested. Rit dye can be bought just about any where :)

  8. Don't soak them too long... the bleach will destroy your jeans

  9. How long do you soak your jeans in the paint/water for?

    1. It totally depends. How pale were your jeans to start with, what color do you want them to be when they are finished, etc. My suggestion is that you leave it in for 20 minutes, toss them in the dryer, and then, if you aren't happy with the color saturation, put them back in the dye bath. They will look very different wet vs dry, so I would keep the dye bath around until you know you have a color you like.