Sunday, February 5, 2012

The best breakfast I've had in awhile

Ok, so avocado isn't typically something I think of as a breakfast food but it totally works and is wonderfully tasty! I made a simple guacamole, adding only salt, pepper, and onion, and then spread it on toasted wheat bread.  Yum!  At first I thought, "Am I really going to eat onion for breakfast?" Then it occurred to me that if I was making an omelet I wouldn't think twice about tossing some in.
To drink I had some chocolate almond milk. A couple cartons of that stuff have been guzzled in the past few days, it's that good. (Chocolate soy milk is also delicious!)

Happily, this takes no time at all to make. I mashed up the avocado in less time that it took to toast the bread, which makes it my kind of breakfast :)

PS - If you've done a post about healthy and quick breakfast meals the links would be so much appreciated!


  1. Yum .. Looks good. Any new ways to eat avocado are always appreciated. And I've been tempted to try Almond milk .. Inspired by you I'm going to get some this afternoon!


  2. I wouldn't think about making this for breakfast normally, but i actually like the idea :)



  3. I totally have the same glasses :) xoxo B