Saturday, February 11, 2012

5 fun things - p. F | documentaries

This might make me a bit of a dweeb but I can (and have) watch documentaries all day.  There isn't a particular 'genre' I prefer but the Recently Watched list on Netflixs shows a fondness for history and nature. These are a few that I've recently enjoyed. Thank you, Netflix instant play!

Ahhh, National Geographic. How great you are.

 SECRET YOSEMITE - I've never even been to California and Yosemite has been on our Places to Go list since Keith and I started dating, so we greatly enjoyed watching this.  I knew that rock blob, El Capitan, was big but geez, it's REALLY big. If only we were rock climbers like the guy in the film...

MICROCOSMOS  - Please forgive me if I've mentioned this film before. It can't be helped! Microcosmos is so awesome I've watched it not once, but twice. This film will change the way you think about bugs (but not spiders).  The fact that there are approximately a whopping total of 100 words of narration doesn't hurt. The peaceful quiet of the insects is so therapeutic I promise, after watching this you will be looking for ladybugs to photograph.

GHOSTS OF MACHU PICCHU - Let me be honest and say that other than the name, everything I know about Machu Picchu I learned from this film.  Let me also say that I would LOVE to visit that place. The precision of engineering and the architectural skills involved in its structures is breath taking. There is, however, a shocking lack of art on the walls. Sad times.

STEPHEN FRY IN AMERICA - Truthfully, the reason I started watching this series is because Stephen Fry is the voice of Little Big Planet and I'm very fond of that game. However, it's actually quite interesting to see America through the eyes of a foreigner.

COLOSSEUM - This one is a docudrama, so I got a healthy dose of history while being entertained. Score!
Something I learned: A large portion of the gladiators were actually volunteers. Apparently, it was the equivalent of being a rock star. *Testosterone*

Others worth watching:

- Africa's Lost Eden (National Geographic)
- The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
- Extreme Cave Diving: Nova
and two about Pompeii
- Pompeii: Back from the Dead
- Pompeii: The Last Day

Remember! All of these are on Netflix instant play! If you don't have that, let me tell you, it is totally worth $8 a month.


  1. Oh, these all sound really good. Gonna look them up, beginning with Micro Cosmos!


    1. Yes! It's so good! Well, they are all good really, especially if you have to be doing something with your hands while you watch TV.

  2. Ps. If you get two comments about this it's because I wrote the first one and before I pushed send (I think) my iPad ran out of battery power and shut down, so not sure if it got to you!

  3. I learn so much about you here:)