Thursday, January 5, 2012

Silly sewing

I feel a little silly posting this because, well, it's about hot pads. You know, pot holders AKA trivets. But hey, it is my blog.
So my lovely sister just moved into another apartment and needing to furnish her kitchen, she asked me to make some pot holders. As crazy as it sounds, I was ridiculously happy about her request.

 I have this massive basket of scraps that I've been trying to find a use for. I was sure that they would have all been used when I made the crazy quilt but not so. The tragic thing is that I have an embarrassingly large amount of scraps that are really not much bigger than shreds. I just can't bear to throw pretty fabrics away! Pot holders were the perfect use for so many of those bits! She didn't really have a color preference so I just had fun sewing.  I think they turned out very cutely, considering what they are.  :D

These little birds are my fav! Such sweetness!

I still have loads of scraps left, though. Any ideas how I should use them?


  1. Those little birds are SO cute (I'm a sucker for anything with birds or feathers on it!) Maybe you could try making napkins for table settings? Or an apron? Just thinking of stuff within the kitchen..

  2. They turned out really well! Love all the fabrics. I'm sure your sister will cherish them. I once made some hot-pads for my brother when he was setting up his first home, and it did my heart good to recently visit his place and see them still being used, albeit old and ragged looking with some burn marks on them!

    Loulou Downtown

  3. oooh an apron! Megan, you are a genius!

    Loulou, that's adorable. long live the pot holders!

  4. i love the one with the triangle on it and the courdoroy texture! the colors are work so well toghether! way to go! :)

  5. oh my gosh those potholders are too cute. i bet they would sell on etsy. let's see, what could you do with scraps...have you ever rolled a fabric rosette?

  6. That is such a great idea! I feel the same way when it comes to fabric scraps, I don't know what to do with them, but I can't bring myself to throw them away. Now I know what I'll have to do with some of them! Thanks for the great inspiration!