Monday, January 9, 2012

Mini makeover: living room edition

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Keith and I made a crazy, spur-of-the-moment decision to give our living room a mini makeover. There was nothing really wrong with it, we were just ready for an update.  (It didn't help that the colors were brown and green and I was starting to feel like we lived in a swamp.)

I call it a mini makeover because we were really limited in what could change. First, because we rent, no wall paint. Second, because the room is divided and has 3 entrances the furniture layout options are limited. Third, we can't afford new furniture. So, basically, it all boiled down to changing the accessories. Fortunately, we love a good challenge.

I've posted the before and after pics so that it's like you're turning around, getting a 360 degree view.

In addition to color, I wanted to incorporate a mixture of textures into the room. The coverings on the pillows are made of cotton, corduroy, satin, and flannel. Not to mention that the blanket is a soft knit.  It's like a tactile party! We picked up the grey print at the fabric store but all the other fabrics I already had. It was quite a fun afternoon of sewing.  I bought that blanket because it has pom-poms on it. No other reason. :) It was actually a pale, washed out color and I dyed it, but that's a whole other story.

The top of the DVD cabinet has become the catch-all location for the mail, our keys and phones. Because we dump a ton of stuff there I wanted to pare down but still have visual impact.  I've been picking up these milk glass vases when thrifting for a while now. I love that they are each unique and the contrast they have against the budded branch.  I stuck the paint chips under the vases just for kicks. I like color in unexpected places!

Forget the chair, note the snazzy new art!

This wall was actually the starting point for our makeover. Our ceilings are quite tall and lovely, just under 9 ft, and we wanted to utilize that height and add some Drama.  After much debate we decided to use fabric to make a pizzazzy, graphic panel. What to know a secret? The fabric is actually inside out ;) Anyways, the picture wall didn't look quite right with the fabric so we pulled that down and up went the wooden shelves. The wood is courtesy of my parental's barn (which just happened to be the perfect size). I was quite please that we found some boards in their barn because until you go to buy some, you don't realize how shockingly expensive real wood is.

So yeah, that's the tour of our living room, and how it went from being swampy to vibrant.

Leave a link to your home makeover - I love looking at home decor before and afters :D

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  1. Your living room turned out so nicely. Love those pink polka-dotted pillows! Cool that you dyed the pompon blanket. The saffron colour goes great with the pillows. I would have gone for a pompon blanket too :)